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Metals in Biological Systems  
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SUMMER 2017 (click here for other group pictures)
Siemann lab group picture, Chantae Robinson, Michael Sadowski, Usama Fraaz, Stefan Siemann
From left to right: Usama Fraaz, Chantae Robinson, Stefan Siemann and Michael Sadowski



Michael Sadowski Chantae Robinson Usama Fraaz Jessy-Leigh Gasparetto
Michael Sadowski
Chantae Robinson
Usama Fraaz
Jessy-Leigh Gasparetto, M.Sc. student



M.Sc. students
Suet Lo Calvin Young
Suet (Becky) Lo, M.Sc.
Calvin Young, M.Sc.
Caitlyn Rotondo Crystal Sabel John Dabous Ryan Carbone
Caitlyn Rotondo, M.Sc.
Crystal Säbel, M.Sc.
John Dabous, M.Sc.
Ryan Carbone, M.Sc.
B.Sc. students and summer students
Ananya Beruar Kaitlin Richard Tanner Warren Dominic Cerilli
Ananya Beruar, B.Sc.
Kaitlin Richard, B.Sc.
Tanner Warren, B.Sc.
Dominic Cerilli, B.Sc.
Carter Hayes Matthew Bertrand Jonathan Mapletoft Mathew Filipovic
Carter Hayes
Matthew Bertrand, B.Sc.
Jonathan Mapletoft, B.Sc.
Mathew Filipovic, B.Sc.
Lise Montpellier Jessica Harrison Nirosha Murugan Jose Knee
Lise Montpellier, B.Sc.
Jessica Harrison
Nirosha Murugan, B.Sc.
Jose Knee, B.Sc.
M.Sc. students
Jessy-Leigh Gasparetto (2014-present)
Suet Lo (2015-2017)
Calvin Young (2013-2016)
Caitlyn Rotondo (2012-2014)
Crystal Säbel (2008-2011)
John Dabous (2005-2008)
Ryan Carbone (2005-2007)
B.Sc. students (fourth year research project)
Ananya Beruar (2015-2016)
Kaitlin Richard (2014-2015)
Dominic Cerilli (2013-2014)
Tanner Warren (2013-2014)
Jonathan Mapletoft (2012-2013)
Mathew Filipovic (2012-2013)
Scott Hume (2012-2013) co-supervised
Lise Montpellier (2011-2012)
Caitlyn Rotondo (2011-2012)
Timothy Rico (2011-2012)
Marton Szekeres (2010-2011)
Vanessa Borraro (2009-2010) co-supervised
Joe Neureuther (2009-2010)
Sylvie St-Denis (2008-2009)
Kimberly Magda (2008-2009) co-supervised
Kacee Courchesne (2006-2007)
Gordon Pajuluoma (2006-2007)
Research assistants / Summer students
Chantae Robinson (2017)
Usama Fraaz (2017)
Michael Sadowski (2017)
Calvin Young (2016)
Carter Hayes (2013, 2015-2016)
Ananya Beruar (2015-2016)
Kaitlin Richard (2015)
Jessy-Leigh Gasparetto (2014)
Julie Prevost (2014)
Matthew Bertrand (2013)
Jonathan Mapletoft (2012)
Jessica Harrison (2012)
Lise Montpellier (2011-2012)
Suet Lo (2011-2014)
Jose Knee (2011)
Nirosha Murugan (2011)
Joe Neureuther (2009)
Tasha Maheu (2007)
Laura Rossi (2006-2007)
Melanie Langille (2006)
John Dabous (2005)
Ryan Carbone (2005)
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